Roll out wheelchair tracks,garden paths and snow mats

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Information and reviews for 

Roll out track for minimising foot and wheelbarrow damage to lawns, 

Mat to lay on the ground for walking safely over ice and snow, 

Roll Out pathway for wheelchair users to ride over grass and gravel. 


More about roll out pathways, roll-out tracks and roll-out Ice and snow cover here....

Roll out paths can be purchased in a variety of colours and manufactured using several types of material, mostly rubber or plastic.  Most are designed for specific uses I/e minimising foot and wheelbarrow damage to lawns, walking over muddy gardens, walking safely over ice and snow and riding wheel-chairs over uneven surfaces. 

Roll out pathways also make a very useful mobility aid for the elderly and people with physical disabilities who find walking on uneven, slippery or muddy surfaces difficult.

The roll out paths, tracks and snow and ice covers, selected and featured on this page have been chosen for the following reasons:

Reliability, Customer satisfaction feedback, price, ease of assembly, ease of cleaning and storage and above all else they work.


This Roll Out pathway for wheelchairs is designed to make it easier for wheelchair users and less able-bodied people to ride or walk over uneven surfaces like grass and gravel to get out into the garden or even to the washing line. 

The heavy duty rubber matting can be easily rolled out over grass, gravel, other uneven surfaces and slippery decking. It can  be trimmed to length to fit around steps, flowerbeds, down-pipes etc. and can save the cost and disruption of having expensive permanent pathways built.

The rubber track is easy to clean, roll up and store and is available in 2 lengths.
I use this roll out track at work when I'm wheelbarrowing heavy stuff across clients lawns, minimising the ruts wheels and boots make, especially in wet weather. It's light but strong making it easy to move around the area I'm working on.
 It's 10ft long x 15inches wide, very hard wearing and durable and will take heavy loads. It's manufactured from tough, washable polypropylene making it quick and easy to rinse clean. 

It's great for accessing  the vegetable patch without compacting the soil too much and picking vegetables without getting muddy boots in wet weather

It's cheap to buy and easy to use I really do recommend it if you want to protect your lawn, avoid compacting soil or are just looking for a way to get over mud when gardening.

The best way to make snow safe and easy to walk over? 
This roll out snow and Ice cover creates safe traction over ice and snow
Just Roll Out the mat across your path and steps to walk safely without having to shovel, sand or spread salt.
The roll out ice cover adheres firmly to moisture In the Ice and snow. It's 10 feet long X 18 Inches wide.

Also works well over slippery decking and wet slippery pathways. 
When the snows gone, hose it down, roll it up and put it away for next year.
Cheap to buy and very easy to use.