Chickens and Laying hens for sale.

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Keeping, housing and feeding garden hens

The three best poultry breeds to keep in your garden for eggs

Rhode Island Red is a good layer off 220 large brown eggs a  year. 

Light Sussex a attractive and productive bird they lay up to 200 light brown eggs a year.  

Marans are Good layers of large dark brown eggs, the Maran hen will lay up to 200 eggs in a year.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a good layer of up to 220 large brown eggs in their first year.  They are  raised for meat and eggs, and  are one of my top three hens for keeping in the garden because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness. 
The Rhode Island Reds feathers are rust to dark red with yellow feet and reddish brown beaks. If raised properly they are affectionate hens, coming when called  like a pet dog.
Light Sussex 
The light Sussex has a white body with a black tail and black wing tips. Its neck is white, striped with black and has a very striking appearance. Making it both a attractive and productive bird, laying up to 200 light brown eggs a year.
its an alert, docile breed that will adapt to free range or being kept in a chicken run in the garden. It is confidant and friendly  in the presence of humans. 
The breed sometimes goes broody and is the mother hen I use for natural hatching of fertile eggs. 
Good layers of  large dark brown eggs, the Maran hen will  lay up to 200 eggs in a year.  They can extend the laying season with pullets coming into lay during January and often still laying lovely dark eggs into Winter.
The Cuckoo maran is my favourite and in my top three garden hens, with barred feathers giving a black and white speckled appearance, they are generally quiet and docile adapting to free ranging or a garden run.  Marans are  tough and disease-resistant and because they were originally bred in the marshy areas of France can cope with our damp English weather.

Point of lay Chickens are ready for sale at 15 weeks old and usually start to lay from about 20 weeks. Buying point of lay hens a few weeks before they begin to lay gives the young hens time to settle in and doesn't disrupt the laying cycle.

The chickens we have for sale are pullets that have been hatched and reared here in our own garden, We sometimes have chickens that have been hatched naturally by the mother hen. 

We hatch old fashioned pure breeds for sale that are easy to keep, either running loose in the garden or in suitable chicken runs. 

Light Sussex lay creamy brown eggs, Rhode Island Reds lay a brown egg and Marans lay attractive dark brown speckled eggs. A mix of all three breeds produce a nice mixed basket of eggs. 

Laying hens offered for sale, are reared outside, so are hardy and suited to keeping in domestic gardens.

North Somerset, Somerset, Bristol, Weston super mare, Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea, Yatton and throughout the U.K.     Please check availability before visiting. 
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 If you are a reputable breeder and sell  P.O.L poultry, Day old chicks, Game birds, Rare breeds and fertile eggs, you can list your business on this page free.

Where can I buy  Water fowl, Game birds, Hatching eggs and Chickens from day old chicks to point of lay pullets. 

If you are a reputable breeder and sell  P.O.L poultry, Day old chicks, Game birds, Rare breeds and fertile eggs list your business on this page free.

Garden Hens
Just a few hens for the garden?
Pure breeds hatched and reared as naturally as possible
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Buff Orpington
Lavender Araucana
and other rare breeds
Hybrids also available
We are located in Cheshire.  Contact Garden Hens on 01565 733282

 Carmarthenshire west wales.  Hatching eggs and grass reared Chickens from day old to point of lay. 01239 711308 LARGE FOWL Cuckoo Maran Exchequer Leghorn Light Sussex Silver Grey Dorking Araucana Rhode Island Red BANTAMS Light Sussex Silkies [Black, Blue and White] Wyandottes [Blue Laced, Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Buff Laced, Silver Pencilled and Partridge] Pekins [Buff, Lavender, Millifleur and Lavender Splash]

Wylye Valley Chickens South Newton Salisbury,Wiltshire. 01722 743391 Bantams Barbu d'Uccle Pekin Polish, Crested ,Sussex, Welsummer, Wyandotte, Yokohama. Large Fowl Araucana, Appenzeller, Barnevelder, Brahma, Cochin,, Fayoumi, Kraienkoppe,Leghorn, Maran, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Barred Redcap, Derbyshire, Rhode Island Red, Silkie,Sussex',Vorwerk, Welsummer, Wyandotte, We are able to supply , fertile eggs for your own incubation, day old chicks and growers and Point Of Lay pullets.
 AXE VALLEY BIRDS,Summerleaze Farm, Kilmington, Axminster,  Devon  Tel: 01297 34472  Chickens, Bantams, Quail, Waterfowl, Aviary Birds, Ornamental Pheasants and Quail Eggs, Poultry Housing, Feed & Equipment also available. 

Vanessa & Phillie,COLLINS  Swindon Wilts  01793 752305  Various large Sussex, Marans, Arucana and Orpington. Bantam Austrolorps, Plymouth Rock Silkies, Sussex, Barbu D'Uccles, Barbu D'Anvers, Sebrights, Welsummers and Scots Greys. Also Dexter Cattle. 

EDGEMOOR POULTRY, North Devon  01769 520244 Red Saddleback Yokahamas, four colour Brahamas, three colours Jersey Giants, Blue Orpingtons, Silver also Gold Appenzellers, Cochins, Favorells, Arucanas, Hatching Eggs sometimes available. Also Dexter Cattle.

Moon Ridge Farm - Exeter, Devon  

Quail, Pheasants, Domestic Ducks, Ornamental Ducks, Domestic Geese, Ornamental Geese, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl, Chickens, Swans. A family run smallholding breeding a large range of poultry , water fowl quail and pheasants nation wide delivery service. We also post out hatching eggs . If you would like a price list or arrange a visit please phone . We give free advice on all poultry and water fowl issues . We welcome your interest. Tel. 01392 851150
Blackwater Traditional Rare Breeds.  Large Fowl, Bantams, Ducks and Geese. We have a large collection of rare and pure breeds of poultry. Small supplies of hatching eggs, chicks, growers to pol available in season.  Breeds: Large Marans, RIR, Light Sussex, Buff  Orpington, Speck Sussex, Blueleghorn. Bantams: Pekin White, Buff, Partridge and Polish, Dutch. Ducks: Cherry Valley, Buff  Orpington, Khaki Campbells.Romsey,Hampshire.  (Visits By Appointment Only Please).Tel. 02380-811110 
Old English Game, Forest Gate. London.  For sale. Wheaton Old English Game Bantams £12 each; Silver duckwing Old English Game Bantams £12 each; Spangled Old English Game Bantams £12 each; Chamois Poland Bantams £20 each; Ko Shamo (White) £15 each; White quail Watermael £25 each; Seramas £10 to £20 each. depending on colours & size etc. Telephone 020 8519 0220 after 6.00pm or weekends.