Sash window repair and servicing in Weston super mare and North Somerset

Why replace this with plastic!

We repair, refurbish, service and replace Sash windows.

Often the complete replacement of Sash windows (box windows) isn't necessary. Unless windows are in very poor condition they can be restored at a reasonable cost.

Weston super mare, Somerset and North Somerset.

Maintenance and Repair of sash windows


Maintenance and Repairs

Decay in a box sash window almost always starts at the bottom and works upwards, so the lower window parts will need replacement and repair long before the upper parts. Regularly checking Sash windows for signs of decay,  will spot wet rot before it attacks the whole window.


Where wood is in need of repair we use a epoxy resin wood repair system, completely bonding with the original timber restoring the original tenon joints to full strength.



Wood decay occurs where water is allowed to stand on sills, where paintwork has cracked. In Joints between the sill and the masonry and below damp adjoining masonry caused by persistent condensation on the glass, especially in bathrooms.


  • Wet rot is recognizable by slight ripples and discoloration of the paintwork, and the underlying timber becomes soft, crumbly to touch.
  • Dry rot is sometimes found behind sealed shutters and in the boxes of sash windows. Treatment is best dealt with by a specialist. 
  • Woodworm treatment, please see Identification and Treatment of Woodworm.


Replacement Sills

Normally we can repair the sill by removing all the rotten timber and using our two-part epoxy resin wood repair system.

If the sill is in such a poor condition that we feel it would not produce a good end result. We would replace the rotten sill with a new hardwood sill. The small section of box lining and outer lining we would need to cut out would be replaced with new sections of box lining and outer lining.  The new sill and lower box are then sanded, sealed and primed.



As part of the service we can re-glaze any cracked, broken or damaged glass using  toughened glass, laminated glass, acoustic noise reducing glass, and drawn sheet glass to match the original glazing. All sashes are re-weighted.


Sash window service, restoration and repair can include :

  • Remove staff beads, parting beads, cords, weights, top and bottom sash.
  • Plane both sashes to improve fit as required and paint exposed wood with a quality primer. .
  • Replace all cords and fit each one. 
  • Lubricate pulley wheels and adjust weights to balance sashes. 
  • Replace staff beads and thread a draught-proofing pile. 
  • Realign window furniture as required and check performance. 
  • Supply and fit replacement sill and box frame. Re glaze frames if reqd. 
  • Supply and fit replacement  window furniture: sash lifts, pulls and fasteners.
  • Supply and install high  window restrictors. 

Sash window repair and restoration  in Weston super mare, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead, Burnham on sea, Bridgwater, North Somerset, Somerset  and the South West.

How much does it cost to repair a sash window?

The condition of old Sash and Box windows will vary The the price  for repair, servicing and replacement is for guidance only, but is based on the work we carry out each day.  We keep prices low by working from home, not producing glossy literature and with minimal advertising because most of our work is referred by happy customers. 


Box Sash Window Repairs  

Unlike plastic and aluminium, a wide range of repairs are possible.  Many that might initially appear to be beyond salvage have been restored to good working order. Prices are for a complete window of one top sash & one bottom sash.


Box Sash Window Recondition & Draught Seal  

  • Leaving the windows fully functioning and free from draughts and rattles.
  • Overhaul of both box and sashes including;  draught strips. Replacement "everlasting" sash cords, adjustment and service of the weighting mechanism, repair of any loose sash joints, refitting of the sashes, Replacement brass catch and sash lifts.   £400 - £550 per sash window.


Casement Window ~Recondition & Draught Seal  

  • Discreet draught strips, machined into the window components  
  • Repair of any loose joints  
  • Refitting of the casement 
  • Service the hinges

From £255 per opening light. 


Replacement sills  
From £290 

Replacement Box Sash Window

For windows that are beyond economic repair, matching replacements are manufactured using traditional construction methods and include all window furniture, security fittings and draught seals.

  • One Pair of double glazed sashes  From £850 per sash window.
  • Complete replacement box sash windows. From £1700 per sash window.

D.I.Y. How to replace a broken sash window cord in 8 easy steps.

  1. Use a sharp chisel and lever the beads off and lift out the inner sash.  You may need to do the same with the top sash of the windows. The weights will be behind the weight cover normally toward the bottom of the sash window, which you will need to remove.
  2. Remove the nails from the broken cord  that secure it to the groove  after pulling the weight through the weight box. 
  3.  Feed the new cord  over the pulley by tying a piece of string to it, Then, feed that over the pulley until you can reach it and pull it through. Tie the end of the cord then untie the string you used to pull it through.  Now tie the weight to the cord.
  4. Put the top sash back onto its side of the window frame making sure that the bottom of the sash is about 4 inches above the window sill. Then pull the new cord until you hear it hit the top of the box. Nail the cord with the weight in this position.  Next replace the sash, the new weight will fall as you push the sash window up. 
  5. Do the same for the inside sash making sure the sash weight is at the top of the box when the window is at the bottom. 
  6. Now refit the beads, if you break one, save it and take it to your local builders merchant or carpentry suppliers to get an exact replacement.
  7. It is a good idea to remove any flaky paint and sandpaper the surfaces the windows run on while you have got access.
  8. Don't forget to treat or paint any areas you can see exposed wood being careful not to paint over the joints and jam the sash windows