controlling wild rabbits

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Wild Rabbit Control

Rabbit proofing a garden.
 Rabbit proof fencing made of 36" chicken wire  fitted around the edge of your gardens is a good low cost way to keep wild rabbits away from your plants.

Dig a trench about 6" deep and 8" wide  to form the perimeter, knock stakes in on the inside of the trench. Bend the bottom 6" of the chicken wire outward along the ground (forming a letter "L" shape). This  will prevent the rabbits from tunneling their way under the fencing and into your garden Set the flange end of the  fencing down into the trench, pointing outwards. 

Fill the trench back in burying  the bottom 6"  of the "L" shape. Staple the chicken wire to stakes. The stakes need to be set strong enough enough to support the rabbit-proof fence. Be aware wild rabbits will circle the fence until they find a weak spot or even the smallest gap. 

Its easy and effective but if you don't like digging and fixing things contact  me. 

Tip wild rabbits don't like Fox gloves, Catnip or Aromatic herbs such as lavender and they hate foxes and rabbit stew !!!! 

But its a fact of life rabbits eat almost anything so you may be in for a struggle.  At some point you just have to look at the bigger picture and make a choice, stop planting at all, plant only in well-protected areas or plant enough for you and the wild rabbits.
 Don't fight it, be happy, enjoy your garden and  nature.