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How to sell and make money from garden and greenhouse produce.

Can I make money from selling my garden produce?

Yes you can and here's how; 

  • Get the timing right for car boot sales,
  • Display the produce on a stall at the gate or driveway to your house,
  • Grow old fashioned and rare varieties of vegetable plants from seed,
  • Sell to local greengrocers, specialist restaurants, and delis.
  • Swap produce for services,
  • More information about selling "grow your own" below....
10 ways to sell your greenhouse and garden produce
10 ways to sell your greenhouse produce

10 ways to sell your greenhouse and garden produce

 Not many of us make a lot of money from plants, fruit and vegetables we grow ourselves. However, the answer is yes you can! 


Here are ten things myself and friends do to sell our greenhouse produce; 

  1. Car boots. You can sell your homegrown plants, shrubs you have grown from cuttings and fruit and vegetables at local car boots to make money. The advantage over farmers markets is that you won't have to book and if you only have a small amount of garden produce, it can be sold alongside household clearance stuff.
  2. Farmers markets. These markets are becoming increasingly popular venues to sell fresh fruit and vegetables from, unlike car boot sales, you can't just turn up on the day. You will need to book in advance and can't normally include non farm or garden produce, so will need a lot of stuff to cover costs.
  3. Getting the timing right. If you have a heated greenhouse, try growing produce just ahead of the season when it is in short supply and expensive.
  4. Early garden produce. This can include, Runner bean plants, Cabbage plants, Bedding plants and Hanging baskets to be sold in early spring. Make sure the frosts are over before selling greenhouse plants for outside gardening. These are produce you will be able to sell at a reasonable price if you get in early.
  5. Gateway or driveway stall. If you live in an honest neighbourhood, you could try leaving your produce just outside your home near a garden gate. Make sure you empty the cash-box as often as you can.
  6. Local businesses. Greengrocers, specialist restaurants and delis may be interested in your homegrown Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables, provided you can promise a regular supply.
  7. Neighbours. This a bit difficult, how could you charge you elderly neighbour the full price, I end up giving the fruit and veg to them free.
  8. Swapping for services. Try swapping for services like babysitting or a bit of help in the garden or around the house. Maybe find neighbours who keep hens for eggs and swap fresh fruit and vegetables for fresh eggs.
  9. Unique garden produce. Try growing old fashioned varieties of vegetables from seed. These can include carrots, broad beans, potatoes and all have a good old fashioned taste and will have buyers coming back for more.
  10. For the 10th way read the following article.

 You will save money and be happier and healthier anyway eating produce you know is organic and fresh from your own garden and greenhouse, but if you are really keen to make some money, this is another way.

A good way to make money selling your organic plants and garden produce.

The 10th way to make money selling organic plants and produce

 Gardening is one of our most popular hobbies with millions of people taking part in one way or another, mainly buying and planting with very few growing the plants themselves.

Most gardeners buy their plants from local garden centres, one study found an average size garden centre can take £20,000 in a single weekend just selling plants.

Most garden centres don't grow the plants they sell. They buy them from huge wholesalers located in Holland, Spain and many of the eastern European countries.

The plants are grown in soil conditions that are totally different to the soil in our gardens and transported for days before they reach the sellers. Not good for the plants and certainly not good for the environment.


This presents the opportunity to sell your own locally grown plants. Recent surveys by the Horticultural Trades Association found that gardeners would prefer to buy locally grown plants and are even prepared to pay a bit more for them.


Worth considering if you really want to earn money from selling plants.

This approach to selling plants and garden produce will need a bit more marketing. Selling plants that are surplus to your own requirements may not be enough to justify the extra costs involved.

  • You might consider buying and selling other growers plants.
  • Growing plants especially for the homegrown market.
  • Forming a cooperative of growers.
  • Costs will be renting cheap easy to find temporary premises.
  • Advertising selling days.
  • Transporting plants and produce.
  • Planting containers.

What vegetables to grow to sell

Top tip

 Grow old fashioned varieties of vegetables from seed. These can include carrots, broad beans, potatoes and all have a good old fashioned taste and will have buyers coming back for more.