Supplying and fitting Wrought iron Railings and gates,

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We are Local suppliers and fitters of metal railings and gates  in Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead, Yatton, Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, Somerset and Devon.
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About our supply and fitting service for Iron railings and gates

The Blacksmith designing and manufacturing your Iron railings and gates is directly involved with the installation and fitting of the finished ironwork. Providing a complete service through from ordering to supplying and fitting both wrought iron and its modern replacement, mild steel.

Ordering from some non-UK "supply only" companies can leave you with badly fitting iron work and the extra cost for a skilled fitter to correct and fit it.

If you prefer to fit the ironwork yourself we will run through the measurement process with you taking the guesswork and worry out of ordering wrought iron work online. We won't ask you to fill in an online form.

To take the guesswork out of supply and fitting metal work we speak to you. So if contacting us by email please provide a telephone number for us to call you back.

Where gates and railings are being made to be fitted in a curve, on a slope or steps. We can provide a full site survey and design service at a sensible price.

Metal work can be made to your own design or supplied standard from stock. There are so many shapes, sizes, metal choice and designs of railings, gates, security grilles and balustrade that we can't feature them all on this page. Instead, our initial contact will include showing our range and portfolio of Iron railing and gates. We have supplied and fitted in Bristol, Somerset, North Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon, Nailsea and North Devon in recent years. 

Supply and fit of security railings, gates and grilles

We advise on and fit Security Iron railings, gates and grilles

 Security is an increasing concern for homeowners. Basement windows that are out of view and open alleyways are easy target for burglars. To secure your property and keep burglars and opportunist thieves out, we supply and fit, metal Security "Over" doors, alleyway gates, Iron security grills and security bars.
Window bars and door security grilles are only as secure as the installation. We manufacture, supply and fit the Metal work.
Correctly installed security grilles will keep burglars out, but any security bars or grills over your windows will also stop people getting out in an emergency.  If this is an issue we  incorporate a window bar releasing systems.

Are metal railings, gates and security grilles actually made of wrought iron?

In most cases the answer is no, they are manufactured using mild steel.

Wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Many products described as wrought iron, such as railings and gates, are these days made of mild steel.

Wrought iron is expensive to produce so other metals were developed and today when we say, "wrought iron," we refer to iron that resembles wrought iron in appearance, strength and a low corrosion rate, but is actually mild steel.

What does the name Wrought iron mean? It actually means two things:

  1. A type of metal, it's a variety of iron with additives that make it pliable twist-able and with a low corrosion rate.
  2. A process of formation "wrought" is the ancient verb "to work," and so "wrought iron" literally means "worked iron".

What is the modern replacement for wrought iron? Mild steel.

Mild steel is an alloy of iron and carbon discovered in the 1800s while looking for ways to mass-produce wrought iron and it has become normal practice to use this lower cost metal for the manufacture of railings, gates, security grilles and balustrade.

For a more detailed explanation follow this link wikipedia Wrought iron

Wrought iron driveway gates

Automatic Driveway gates are only as secure as the installation.  Our gates are fitted by the manufacturer.
All driveway gates are manufactured and installed by a specialist metal work fabricator who supplies and fits mild steel automatic gates at sensible prices.
Automatic Iron and Steel Gates & Automation Equipment 
Automatic gates installation includes the driveway gate, an automatic gate opener, remote access controls, and exit controls.

Explanation of the equipment needed to operate automatic driveway iron gates.
  • What is an automatic gate opener?  An automatic gate opener is the motorized arm that opens and closes a driveway gate. A circuit board receives a signal from a keypad or a clicker and the automatic gate opener opens or closes the gate. 
  • What are access controls? Access controls allow you to grant or deny entry through your driveway gate. Clickers or hand held remotes, are radio transmitters similar to a garage door opener. 
  • Keypads,  allow visitors without clickers to enter the property with a numeric code. They have memory for several different codes so that certain codes may be reserved for family, and others given to visitors such as regular delivery drivers and meter readers.
  • Exit Sensors allow visitors to open the automatic gate to leave the property. A keypad on the inside, or a simple push button will open the gate. An exit sensor, buried alongside the driveway about 85' from the gate that detects (metal) vehicles and opens the automatic gate is more convenient. However, It will also sense a lawn mower, etc. So may not be the best choice for every situation. 
  • Safety as part of the automatic gate system. Photo Eyes or a similar devise to stop the gate from closing, or reverse its motion if a vehicle is slow to clear the automatic gate is recommended.
  • Intercoms A simple intercom allows communication and the ability to open the gate from inside the house. 
  • Telephone Entry Systems can ring all the phones in the house with a distinctive ring and entry can be granted with the push of a telephone button.

How much does an automated driveway gate cost?
Cost of supplying and installing electrically operated driveway gates vary for many reasons. Such as uneven ground, amount of ground work required, drainage issues, difficulty and distance in cabling the power supply and different styles of gates and post. 

Prices below should only be used as a guide. A site survey may be required.

Electric Metal Double Swing Gate Including:- Survey- Preparation work Groundwork- Power supply Gates - 3.6m opening Support structures- Gate stops : £3000 £8000
One Way Audio Entry System Including: One button audio entry panel, Handset with lock release, Power supply unit: £350 £800

One way Video Entry System including One button video entry panel, Mono video monitor, Handset with lock release, Power supply unit: £750 £1800

How to choose the equipment for an automatic driveway gate. We run through this with you, but I have included some guidelines below.
  • Automated Driveway Gates. First,  select a driveway gate style. Whether you choose a single swing or a bi-parting pair will decide the type of automatic gate opener you will need.
  • Automated driveway gate Openers. Select your automatic gate opener based on your gate swing type, the usage the gate will get, and your budget. Solar powered openers are also available.
  • Access Controls. You will need at least a remote clicker and receiver to enter the gate. For visitors to your home there is a variety of remote entry solutions available