Tools and equipment needed for DIY Garden drainage

Muddy garden
Muddy lawns and muddy kids

 Fed up with the mud? 

Use the tools and materials on this page and you really can Do It Yourself 

All the equipment, products, materials, D.I.Y guide and tools to install  garden and lawn drainage. 

 Sump pumps, Drainage Gravel, Grit Sand, Trenching tools, Discharge hose, Heavy duty digging tools and 

Pre fabricated soakaway baskets. 


Can I fix a waterlogged garden and soggy lawn problem myself ?
Yes  with the right tools, including a trench spade, trench shovel, spirit level and a trench hoe that are preferably made for trenching and sturdy enough to lift clay. (I have featured the tools I use, further down this page) 
Depending on your available time and fitness you will probably need to enlist the help of a few fit friends or if you have access, hire a digger to dig the trenches and move a few tons of gravel into your garden and an equal amount of clay out into skips.

I have written an easy to follow Garden and lawn drainage D.I.Y. guide that's available on my D.I.Y page here


I have an opportunity for a self employed garden drainage specialist to take on leads  information

We are garden drainage specialists, we use these tools, equipment and materials to drain gardens. We know they work.

Drainage D.I.Y. guide

Drawing on years of experience my easy to follow guide shows how to Install French drains.

  • Marking out and digging trenches
  • Finding lowest spot for positioning the Soak away.
  • Materials and Quantities (how much gravel) to form the drains.
  • 5 mins free Telephone back-up 
  • Simple easy to follow steps
  • Terms 

PDF normally Emailed within the hour or 8 hours if i'm out of the office 


£10.00. Converted to $ and € or local currency outside the U.K     

Sump pumps for garden drainage

Heavy Duty Sump pump

A submersible dirty water pump with float switch. 

 Designed for heavy-duty applications such as, pumping out sump pits over a long distance.


  • Manufactured with a thermal overload protection device
  • Fitted with approximately 10M of cable for extra flexibility of use

Sump pump under £150 

Draper 25360 Submersible Dirty Water Pump with Float Switch 

  • The water pump filters out suspended solids from the dirty water making it ideal for draining out Drainage Sumps, inspection pits, ditches and footings
  • Manufactured with a thermal overload protection device
  • Fitted with approximately 10M of cable for extra flexibility of use

The tools you will need to dig drainage trenches.

 Digging drainage trenches is a lot easier if you use the correct tools. 

Heavy duty Rake 1500 mm


Over the years I have broken more ordinary garden rakes raking clay than I care to remember. I have used this Heavy duty all steel rake for years and it is still being used by my team.   

Forged Trench Shovel, 970 mm


Heavy duty forged steel head For digging and bottoming trenches 

Forged Drain Spade, 1150 mm 


Heavy duty forged steel head with extended shoulders for safer foot-grip 

For digging drain and pipe channels, trenches and fence post holes  



 follow these links  Strong rake,    Drain spade,   Trenching shovel,    Digging Hoe. 




Materials you will need for DIY garden drainage.

 20mm flint gravel and geotextile fabric.


Woven Polypropylene fabric with 40 securing pegs useful for holding the fabric in place when shovelling in the gravel. Lets rainwater through and is essential in keeping the soil out of the gravel. 


20mm Gravel/Shingle (Bulk Bag) with  free delivery in UK

This is the type and size of gravel you will need to fill the drainage channels. 

As an alternative to using gravel consider the prefabricated crates.