Suppliers and fitters of uPVC plastic fascia and guttering

If you are not familiar with these terms, the picture here should help and I have included an explanation further down this page.



We are suppliers and fitters of replacement Fascia, Soffits, Bargeboards, Box ends and Guttering in Weston Super Mare, Bristol, Somerset and North Somerset.


If you are not familiar with these terms, the picture here should help and I have included an explanation further down this page.

Fascia is fitted to your property to provide support for the last row of tiles and a fixing point for the gutters. They are also fitted to protect the ends of the roofing joists from the weather.

We use marine grade stainless steel fixings, to fit the fascias to the ends of the rafters, providing an attractive and maintenance free finish that also provides important support for the tiles and gutters.


Where the end of the rafters or roofing joists have become perished due rot spreading from the old wooden fascia, we cut out any rot and treat the bare edges with wood preserver. We then install a new piece of tanalised rafter.


Can new plastic facia and cladding be fitted over the old wooden fascia.

Without taking off the old wood cladding it is difficult  to see if the wood, mainly at the back, is rotten with the potential of spreading to the ends of the rafters.  Most wooden facia and cladding I have removed have shown signs of rot on the  back of the board.

Over-cladding is cheaper in the short-term, but in the long term-often means having additional work carried out to the rafter ends due to the rot spreading.

Over-cladding the wood is easier and cheaper and is preferred by non specialist companies and should be reflected in the price quoted, But usually ends up as a complete waste of money when the wood rots. Bear this in mind when choosing the cheapest quote.


Description of the uPVC components we fit in Weston super mare, Bristol and North Somerset.

The Fascia.

uPVC  fascia is mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house and is  the main board that carries the gutter.

uPVC Soffts.

The Soffit board is fitted under the fascia board and can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Alternatively ventilation can be over the top of the fascia board.  Without adequate ventilation, condensation will form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay.

We can supply and fit ‘traditional plain’ Soffit Boards or ‘tongue and groove Soffit Board’,  in a wide variety of styles and colours.

uPVC Guttering

The gutters on your property channel the rain water from your roof  into drains or a soak away. It is important the gutters are fitted correctly and the fall levels are set correctly to get rid of the water not hold it in the gutters.

We are expert guttering installers and Quotes for gutter replacement are free in Weston super mare and North Somerset


Bargeboards, gable ends and ‘the apex’ are all terms used to refer to the fascias that are fitted to the end of the roof.


The Box End is fitted to the fascia, soffit and bargeboard at each corner of the house where there is a gable end.

Bird Guards.

I can fit a bird guard if required.

Roofing tiles that have a profile provide an entry point for birds to get into the roof space for small birds. 

Gutter guards.

Gutter guards can be supplied and fitted where the leaves from nearby trees could block up the guttering.


 Quotes are free in Weston super mare, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea, Bridgewater, Taunton and Yatton.

What are the benefits of using uPVC for Fascia, Soffits, Bargeboards, Box ends and Guttering.

The main 3 benefits of using uPVC plastic for Fascia, Soffits, Bargeboards, Box ends and Guttering are;

  1. Long lasting - uPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for roofing. It is known to be extremely durable and long lasting.
  2. Low cost - uPVC tends to be considerably cheaper than aluminium and timber and provides more benefits. Costs can vary depending on the quality and fitting, but you can expect a much more affordable price compared with wood or aluminium.
  3. Low maintenance - The material requires very little maintenance; other than cleaning now and then. Unlike timber you will not see any signs of rot or weather damage due to the extremely durable nature of uPVC.