Wheeled gardening seat, also called a rolling garden seat, mobile work seat and rolling stool

This heavy duty rolling gardeners seat with adjustable swivel and height tractor type seat helps avoid painful bending or stooping when gardening. The swivel tractor-type seat lets you sit and work up to 23" above the ground and roll around on four large 10" diameter pneumatic tires. The tray under the seat is handy to carry your gardeners tools along with you.
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This rolling garden seat is also handy for working on your car, or low painting, decorating and cleaning skirting boards etc.

GARDEN CART: The combination of garden cart and seat makes the gardening more easily and won't lead to aching knees and painful backs anymore. The front wheel direction can be controlled by handlebar.

STORAGE SPACE: Your gardening tools and supplies can be held in the basket and tray under the seat, which keeps your supplies at the ready.

FLEXIBLE SEAT & HANDLE: The adjustable height and 360 degree swivel seat meets your various needs and the handle angle is adjustable to fit different body size and ground angle.

DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR: The metal frame is sturdy and durable. and solid steel axles allow for easy steering and mobility.

Overall Dimension: 81L x 44.5W x 46-59H (cm); Weight Capacity: 150kg

This Wheeled gardening seat is a great gardening aid if you suffer from a bad back that makes bending difficult, it reduces the stooping and bending associated with weeding, planting and general tasks in your garden. 

It's also sometimes called, a rolling seat or rolling stool used to roll around your garden and between borders.