Dark story of Gaslighting, abuse, retribution and Hope.

true story, linking to Fred West when living in Much Markle, telling of the gaslighting, sextual, physical and mental abuse of Willow, a Hidden Person. And the retribution handed out by Richard to her abusers, a policeman, local government officers and a doctor who were, albeit possibly unknowingly, blocking her pathway to the therapy she would need to recover.

Richard is very much aware if removing these so called ‘Pillars-of-society,’ goes wrong, it would lead to catastrophic consequences. However, the driving force behind the measures he takes is far greater than any perceived risk to himself. He had turned a blind eye and covered his ears to evil all too often. The British Pakistani groomer, the Afghan grandfather, and the British priest. Never again! It is a risk he is going to take. He had no close family or friends for whose safety he is concerned. Suffice to say his previous military service and current work for the ‘Organisation’ add credence to his account of the retribution he hands out.

Bella and Richard’s love story is a welcome thread, sprinkling sunshine onto this sometimes-dark tale. Bella is unaware, even when her husband disappears, of the retribution Richard is carrying out to stop Willow's abusers. However, is aware he works for ‘The Organisation,’ but not who they are, or what he is paid to do!