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Index of articles explaining how to control garden pests and weeds.

For more information on each of the garden pests and weeds listed on this page follow the link to click thru to the relevant page.

How to recognize and kill Giant Hogweed.
The information will help with recognition, eradication methods and control of Giant hogweed in U.K. gardens. 
The article also covers the effect of Giant Hogweed on our health and the best weed-killer to kill it.
More .......

Humane fox control


This fox is suffering with mange and will die within four months if left untreated. Meanwhile spreading the disease to other animals including your pet dog.


Feeding the fox will not cure the problem but will prolong the agony. More............

weeds in gravel driveway
weeds in gravel driveway

The problem with gravel driveways are the weeds.  

Gravel driveways that have light traffic or are untended can quickly become overgrown with weeds and grass, so let's look at ways of  preventing your gravel becoming a bed of grass and weeds more......


Rats are never far from us, we are there source of food and habitat, so if you have recently seen one in or near your home or garden then it is likely to be living nearby and is searching for food. It is unlikely to be alone either, rats live in extended family groups. Whilst staking out a garden where the householder suspected rats might be living I saw about 20 rats all scurrying about together. 

How to get rid of them 

Badger detterent information
Badger detterent information

This will take a few minutes reading, but understanding Brock the badgers ways will  explain and make sense of why there are so few methods you can use to keep him and his family out of your garden, I will explain my methods later, first let's look at why badgers are coming into your garden....... more here

Are leather jackets causing the bare patches in my lawn?

it could be caused by poor drainage or too much shade, but most likely, it is an infestation of Leather jackets the larvae of the Crane fly, more commonly known as Daddy Longlegs. more....

leather-jacket damaged lawn
leather-jacket damaged lawn

Why do i have so many slugs in my garden this year?

In the U.K. last year's wet summer, followed by a warm winter has meant that slugs have been eating and breeding all through the winter months. 

This has caused a slug population explosion, so from about now through to next winter be prepared for about 20,000 slugs to be active in your garden, chomping away at and destroying your flowers, fruit and vegetables.

You will find slugs and snails in almost every garden, although they do seem to prefer some gardens more than others, chomping on our flowers and fruit and vegetables. 

More about how to keep slugs away from your garden later and some sure ways of killing slugs, without using slug bait. More......

Dandelions are a nuisance growing in, and if we are not careful, taking over our lawns. In this article, I describe the main ways, both Organic and using weedkiller to clear and control dandelions growing in a lawn.More......

If you have Japanese knot-weed growing in your garden, you are potentially, causing a major problem, not only to your own garden and house, but  for your neighbours too.  I have listed a few tips and actions you should take to control the spread of Japanese knotweed. 

Whats the law regarding Japanese Knotweed.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 says,  it is an offence to plant or grow Japanese knotweed  where there is any risk of causing the plant to spread into the wild or neighbouring properties.  More........

Stinging nettles

Most of us though, are very wary of them and there stinging hairs that give a painful sting sometimes followed by a rash. Nettles can be a nuisance especially for unsuspecting children

How to get rid of nettles

The Horsetail weed has survived our attempts to wipe it out for millions of years and just as you think you have got rid, it will appear again.


Once you have cleared this weed from your garden, don't dig over the area for at least a year, otherwise the Horsetail weed is almost certain to spring up from the root cuttings.


The roots penetrate deep into all types of soil from clay to sand and wet to dry and even a four centimeter length brought to the surface by digging can grow into a  new plant.


Companion planting tips
the plants and effects
What is companion planting pest control and how does it work ?

 Companion planting simply means growing different types of crops and plants together, creating a habitat for beneficial insects and animals that feed on, or deter pests that are a problem for plants I/e Lady birds eat Blackfly. This method of planting, with a bit of practice and trial and error is natural pest control, organic and can eliminate the need for chemicals.  I have listed examples of  companion plants and effects below...... more

The pungent smell of French marigolds deters whitefly from your tomato plants.

Companion planting really is that simple!!!!!!

 Ivy may look attractive, but ...
Ivy quickly becomes one of the biggest garden pests of all, choking out native plants,ruining trees, damaging windows and even our roofs and guttering, any small gap it can get its tendrils into will eventually be damaged. 
Dense ivy ground cover forms a shelter for rats is slug heaven and the dust it collects can cause breathing problems for those with allergies.  Kill Ivy. Hear's How

Wasps are beneficial insects preying mainly on other insects, many of which are pests, but are a real nuisance when nesting near homes, interrupting outside dining, crawling over food and inflicting a painful sting.


Using pesticides to control wasps can be effective, but most chemicals are harmful to the environment, so try these suggestions to prevent wasps buzzing around your head and into your house............

Rabbit proofing a garden.
 Rabbit proof fencing made of 36" chicken wire  fitted around the edge of your gardens is a good low cost way to keep wild rabbits away from your plants. More......

Bindweed is the very annoying weed with attractive pinkish white bell shaped flowers and green arrow shaped leaves, that winds its way across your garden choking every plant in site.


Get rid of Bindweed.....

Brambles are a real problem, especially in gardens that have been neglected, growing through shrubs, under hedges, between the cracks in broken concrete and brickwork.  The speed bramble grows, combined with the painful thorns, mean gardens quickly become no go areas if it's not controlled. 

A single bramble shoot can soon become a bramble jungle and difficult to eradicate once established. Clear bramble...


This is the weed-killer I use to kill the weeds on this page.



For more information about each of the garden pests and weeds click thru to the relevant page.