How to stop frogs and toads coming into my garden.

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Frogs in your garden are a valuable part of our native wildlife, they munch their way through large quantities of slugs

and the damp conditions that attract slugs also attract frogs. If frogs are coming into your garden they are heading for a breeding pond, and during certain times of the year they will be out and about in numbers. The spring migration to the pond, a mid-summer exodus of young from the pond, and then in Autumn the return to the the pond. Mostly moving during damp rainy nights, just like slugs on there way to munch your favourite flowers.
Can't see why you should want to stop frogs from coming into your garden at all. But If the calls are keeping you awake, or if there are frogs getting into your swimming pool, there are a couple of things you can do. 

The main problem seems to be frogs jumping in for a swim and becoming trapped in your swimming pool, because they cant get out. You could install a frog ladder in the pool to help them climb out.
If you or your gardener really don't want to share your pond with the gardeners best friend, the only really effective way to stop them is low fencing or decorative wall installation that the frogs can't pass. 

This will also work to keep frogs out of gardens, although given the benefits of having frogs in the garden, I'm not sure why people would want to keep frogs out of the garden. A bucket load of toads or frogs is far better than a bucket load of plant eating slugs and other insects. 

Best solution is to learn to live with nature and spend less on chemical slug bait, you cant really fight nature and win long term anyway, Its gotta way of coming back strong . Swimming with frogs is like swimming with dolphins !!