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We design and build block paved car parking and driveway areas. If required we can quote to remove stone and brick walls and clear the rubble from site

The most popular and cost effective way to construct a driveway is to use block paving. Gravel kicks up, moulded concrete driveways look like shiny plastic and are not permeable, tarmac gets sticky in hot weather and eventually cracks up. Block paving looks good and last forever and planning permission  is not normally required because the blocked area will be permeable.


This how we lay block paved driveways and car parking areas.

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 Or follow my tips to prepare the base and lay the blocks yourself.


 D.I.Y. tips for laying block-paving driveways and carparks.

Block paving or pavers are small rectangular bricks made of concrete that are placed on to a level sand bed in a set pattern to form the surface.
  • First Dig out the area deep enough to allow for at least 100mm of granular sub-base/hard core to be laid and well compacted. So called block paving contractors, (you know the ones, they are laying a driveway down the road, just around the corner and can do you a deal if you pay up front and agree they start straight away),  often miss out or skimp this stage resulting in the paving collapsing the first time you drive on your new driveway. 
  • Now lay the edge blocks on concrete and shovel in the hardcore and rake level. 
  • Next add and level 35/50mm grit sand, used for bedding the block paving. This gets a bit complicated on slopes. You can hire special tools, that make this levelling stage easier. Remember to plan for the finished driveway surface to end up level with the pavement or roadside you will be entering from. 
  • Next lay the pavers, If you are using more than one pack make sure the blocks are mixed up, colours and shades vary from pack to pack.
  • Concrete block paving used for paving driveways are 50 or 60mm thick and are tapped onto the prepared sand bed. Make sure to use fine silica sand to fill in the gaps. 
  • You will need a skip, rake, spades and shovels, wheelbarrow and a mallet to tap the blocks in.
The advantages of block paving for driveways and car parking areas over other materials are.
  • Gravel kicks up and shifts especially on slopes.
  • Tarmac can melt in hot weather and over time, crack up. Its also non permeable.
  • Concrete looks like concrete ! whatever pattern is imprinted, its also not permeable.
  • Block pavers are permeable, hard wearing and look good.
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