Things that drive your landscape gardener crazy


We’ve all heard the stories about cowboy landscape gardeners doing a poor quality job. 

But what about the customers from hell? The timewasters, late-payers, mind-changers, micro-managers and feuding couples who put the poor old landscaper in the middle.


This is how not to be that customer.


Long time (and very successful) landscaper and now multiple up market "buy to let" business owner Bazig  Mooiebloemen discusses things to avoid if you want your landscaper to stay on side.


"Landscapers like working with me. Seriously, they do.... Even the flowerpotman"


Here’s why: I’ve been there. These days as a property developer I manage lots of landscaping projects, but I used to be that landscaper coping with the timewasters, late-payers, mind-changers, micro-managers, feuding couples and zero communication from the client, mostly for mediocre pay. And because of that experience I avoid doing things that make life harder for my self-employed landscapers.

As a result, they accept my assignments — even prioritize them — turn in great work, make changes happily and go the extra mile when I’m in a rush to let a property.

I make their lives easier, and they make my life easier. No hard feelings, no disappearing slabs. It just works. 


To build great relationships with your landscape gardener and get a job well done stop doing these things:

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