Wine thyme on a Chamomile Lawn

When you feel tired and low wander into your garden with a bottle or two of red wine. Close the gate and shut the world out for a while. 

Pick a bunch of the scented sweet pea trailing over the dry stonewall, rest your head on the chamomile lawn and take a sip or two or three of wine and listen to the water flowing over the waterfall.


It won't be long before you see how perfectly shaped and coloured the hollyhocks and wallflowers are, how cool the flagstones feel and how relaxing the scent from the chamomile growing between the stone is. 


Now unlock and open the gate and let the world back in. It's not the red red wine it's your design and maybe a little help from Mike and the flowerpotmen.

Family, friends, the bobby on the beat, the postman and the neighbourhood watch person will all linger a little longer inspired by your skills in creating such a peaceful oasis of colour, scent and texture.


However, if like me you don't want the world and its guest lingering longer! Let me fix the gate and fit a new lock.

Chamomile lawn

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