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I have just found your website and I wonder if anyone can advise me please?
I’ve got water running from another garden which is creating a problem for me here, I have seen the people and they told me that they’ve put a small dam in to divert water away from their garden, and this stretches half way across the garden, if this is the source of where the water is coming from is this legal?
Thank you
 one reply
If your garden is lower than your neighbour Its unfriendly but probably legal. Generally in law the person at the bottom of the slope is responsible for getting rid of the water. A court case would be costly and unless your neighbour, was found to be acting with malice, you would probably lose.
Thank you for your reply, the situation as I have been told it by the neighbour at the back is, they get a lot of water from somewhere else which was causing them problems in their back
garden, so the husband decided to build a dam to divert it elsewhere (to me) this comes through at the bottom of a 20’ high hedge.
His garden slopes down and flattens and at the back of mine, and there is a trail where the water comes through the hedge, and I should add I’ve not always had this problem.
I will of course try to resolve this through discussion, and I will keep you in touch as to how things go but, it may take a while.
Any comments on what I’ve written here would be welcome.
Hello Mike
Well I went around to the people at the back who I cannot see because of a tall hedge, and had a discussion about the water and it seems they put a blockade up to divert it from
their garden because they were getting a lot from somewhere else.
So, after explaining it was not legal to divert water (according to environment docs I downloaded) they came round and asked questions, following that there was nothing but after
all the heavy rain here there is no more diverted water since which I’m very pleased about.
It goes to show just by communication, and how the matter is approached what can sometimes be achieved.
A successful outcome. Also please remind me of your website?


I found your website via google. We moved into our property in Chipping Sodbury last September and have just started on the garden having artificial lawn laid. We have had to holt at present as they uncovered a man hole which on closer inspection is man made and what I would describe as a sump pit. However, there was no pump but a hole full of water and when we removed the water we noticed that it was seeping in from the sides. The pit is made with concrete slabs and the water is coming in the the bottom corners. The pit is not one which appears to be cemented. There is a pipe which we have trailed back up the garden which comes out into the pit. However, the water at present is not coming in through the pipe and it is confusing us. We have spoken to the neighbours and they informed us that the previous owner spent several months putting in the drainage as all the gardens suffer when the rain falls. I have tried to ask the previous owners about it but they have denied all knowledge. So, we are no further forward. We have put a pump in situ, which they apparently had, but removed. The water continues to rise. I have had bristol water out to clarify that it isn't mains water which they have confirmed. 

Would you have any ideas as to why the water remains coming into the pit and should we just seal the pit and forget about it. We are desperate to finish the garden for the children. 

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Sarah Hewitt 


 I am looking for some advice. I have a pond (preformed) in my back garden, which over the weekend believe it or not raised about 2 inches and we think it might be the water table! 

Our garden can get waterlogged over the winter months or when there is continued rain. I am looking at all types of solutions, submersible pump with float switch placed in a hole I will dig and remove the water. 

I am unsure where this water can be pushed to considering it is dirty water. In our back garden we have a drain where water and waste from the toilet, kitchen sink, dishwasher is this somewhere the water can be either pumped to or allow drainage pipes to naturally run to? 

If I dig a sump pit in one of my borders in the garden should be have a concrete lining around the sides and then some gravel placed in the bottom? I assume that the water would raise from the bottom and the float switch would kick in and drain the water?

Hi Paul, 
If it is the high water tabel, a sump and pump might be pumping non stop and probably would not solve the problem . (check with your neighbours or follow the link on this page to find out the likely depth) 

You could dig a test hole to see at what level you hit water. The table would need to be at least 3foot below the surface to install a sump and pump. 

You would usually need permission to drain or pump surface water into the sewage drainage system. 

Digging a basic sump is fairly easy and explained here

Yes the pump is activated as the sump fills and cuts out when empty. Be careful, if you are lower than neighbours that you are not draining the whole neighbourhood.