01. November 2017
We’ve all heard the stories about cowboy landscapers....... But what about the customers from hell? The timewasters, late-payers, mind-changers, micro-managers and feuding couples who put the poor old landscaper in the middle. This is how not to be that customer. Bazig Mooiebloemen discusses things to avoid if you want your landscaper to stay on side.
29. August 2017
When you feel tired and low wander into your garden with a bottle or two of red wine. Close the gate and shut the world out for a while.

23. August 2017
Was it Brexit? No worse than that. The wildflower meadows that were their homes, and the wildflower nectar that was their food have all gone. What can Boris do? Nothing son, he has got his hands full with Brexit and monsieur Jean-Claude Drunker's Puppet, monsieur Michel even Barmier.....
23. August 2017
You could take advice from green-lawn-man. Every neighbourhood has one, he's the guy in love with his hosepipe and box of chemicals, or......